Pre Hurricane Preparedness

Pre Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Always heed the advice of emergency management personnel when instructed to evacuate your area. Hurricanes are dangerous and should be taken very seriously.

Before the Storm

If you live in a hurricane prone area, you should be ready to evacuate quickly. It would be prudent to keep valuable papers in a common location for quick access and have them stored in plastic bags or waterproof containers.

When a storm is approaching take precautions to board up windows and doors and or tape up windows. Secure loose items, such as trampolines, patio furniture or other yard equipment to keep it from blowing into your home.

Even if you are not required to evacuate, it is possible that services to your area will be temporarily interrupted.

Keep the Following Items on Hand During the Hurricane Season:

  1. Drinking water adequate for several days
  2. Various batteries for portable devices
  3. Several flashlights
  4. Candles and matches
  5. A generator, if possible
  6. Staple food items that don’t require refrigeration
  7. A camp stove or grill
  8. Photographs of your home and personal property

If your power is interrupted or if you decide to evacuate from your home, you should disconnect any electrical appliances, except items such as refrigerators or freezers, to prevent damage from a power surge when the power is restored.

Remember to think safety first.

If you experience property loss during a hurricane, click here to Report a Claim.