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At Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance, we want to make sure that our policyholders have the best protection that we can offer against disaster. Not just with the precise coverage you need, but with information that you can use to minimize loss and make the claims process as easy as possible.

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County Farm Bureau Membership

When you become a local county Farm Bureau member, you are not just helping out your local Mississippi farmers. You also become eligible for a vast array of member benefits, discounts and opportunities. Mississippi farmers and their families need and appreciate the support of County Farm Bureau members, and this is just one way of saying “thank you”.

Membership in your county Farm Bureau Agricultural Organization is a condition precedent or prerequisite to your ability to apply for and to renew insurance. Failure to maintain membership in your county Farm Bureau Agricultural Organization will result in the nonrenewal of your insurance policies. Click here to find your County’s Farm Bureau office.

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