Mission Statement

Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance Mission Statement

As a member organization, we have our heritage, culture, and value system rooted in agriculture and the ideal of Farm Bureau service to its members. We have been serving Mississippi for over 71 years with local agents and local adjusters.

Accordingly, Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance strives to serve the members of Farm Bureau in Mississippi with these foundational values in mind:

  • Providing service that is member/policyholder-centric
  • Offering quality insurance products that are a value to the policyholder
  • Focusing on the need for competitive and comprehensive insurance products for persons engaged in agriculture, and those living in rural and urban areas
  • Making good on our promise to the policyholder
  • Being ethical, honest, and trustworthy in our dealings with the member/policyholder
  • Seeking growth in a fiscally responsible way, so as to provide stability, continuity, and viability

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