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Protect your investment property from tenants and liability.

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Speciality Insurance Coverage for Rental Property Owners

Let Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance provide the protection you need for your rental property. Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance can provide protection for your dwelling, household appliances and other household furnishings owned by you, as well as, liability protection.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling provides protection for your dwelling rented to a third party.

Other Structures Coverage

Other Structures Coverage provides protection for those other structures located on the insured premises that are set apart from the rented dwelling by clear space.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal Property Coverage provides protection for appliances and other household furnishings owned by you contained in the rented dwelling.

Loss of Rents Coverage

Loss of Rents Coverage provides reimbursement for loss of rents if the dwelling or personal property is damaged by a Peril Insured Against.

Personal Liability Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage provides protection for an insured’s activities for accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party for which you are legally responsible.

Medical Payments to Others

Medical Payments to Others Coverage pays reasonable and necessary medical expenses to an injured third party such as medical, surgical, dental and ambulance.

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