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Quality Term and Whole Life Insurance Policies for Mississippians

Life insurance is an important part of any sound financial plan, providing protection for your family or your business in the event of your premature death. When making life insurance part of your plans, it is important to choose not only a financially sound and secure company, but also the right product.

That’s why we offer a wide range of life insurance products. Below is a brief overview of the life insurance policies we offer through Southern Farm Bureau® Life Insurance Company:

Our Life Insurance

Term Life

With three term life insurance plans available, there’s one that may be right for you, whether it’s protection until your kids are through college, to cover your mortgage, or for your business insurance needs.

Whole Life

Permanent life insurance provides protection for the insured with guaranteed premiums by paying a death benefit to the beneficiary at the insured’s death. In addition to providing a death benefit, permanent life insurance can grow in cash value.


Life Insurance Policy Comparison

Term Life Whole Life
Advantages Simple
Lifetime Coverage
Access to cash value
Purpose Short-term coverage needs Long-term coverage needs
Premiums Can increase periodically OR
be guaranteed level for the
duration of the policy
Cash Value
No Yes
Death Benefit Yes Yes
Available Policies
  • 10 Year Term Premier
  • 20 Year Term Premier
  • 30 Year Term Premier
  • 20 Pay Life
  • 30 Pay Life
  • Whole Life
  • Single Premium Whole Life

*The amount of life insurance coverage that you may qualify for or apply for is subject to medical and financial underwriting by Southern Farm Bureau® Life Insurance Company, Jackson, MS.

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