Auto Accident Checklist

What to Do After a Car Wreck

  1. If you are involved in an auto accident, if possible, contact 911 immediately. Be prepared to provide detailed information about the location of the accident and an assessment as to whether there are injuries involved that may require the services of an ambulance.
  2. If it is safe to leave the vehicles where they are, do not move them until authorities arrive.
  3. Exchange personal contact information with the other person(s) involved.
  4. Do not discuss who was at fault in the accident with others, including the other driver.
  5. If you are aware of witnesses who may have seen the accident but cannot stay at the scene until the authorities arrive, get their name(s) and a description of their vehicle and tag number if possible for contact later by your claims representative if needed.
  6. Do not give a statement to anyone except the police without speaking with your insurance representative first.
  7. If you have a camera and are physically able, take photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident, the accident scene, and the intersection or roadway showing the direction of travel of both vehicles.
  8. If your vehicle is not drivable, and you know where you would like to have the vehicle taken for potential repairs, let the officer know to inform the wrecker driver of the location you would prefer the vehicle to be taken. If you are unfamiliar with the area, make sure you get detailed information on the wrecker company and the location your vehicle will be taken.
  9. If you need to report a loss, call us toll free at 1-866-275-7322, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to speak to a Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance representative who will take the claims information and process the loss so that it is assigned to an adjuster who works in your area.