Hunting Season: A Mississippi Family Affair

Where Hunting meets Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance

Like football and the holidays, hunting in Mississippi is a mainstay of the fall season, often shared among family and friends. Thoughtful parents use the occasion of hunting season to teach their children about safety, personal responsibility, and respect for the outdoors and our environment. Deer camps are a great place to relax and fellowship. Hunting spots, stands & blinds are wonderful, quiet places for reflection and communing with nature.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks is a good source of information about the state’s 2019-2020 hunting season, including start dates for different types of hunting and various game animals.

A Proud History of Hunting

According to the most recent survey data provided by the United States census, approximately 1 out of every 10 adults and teens in Mississippi take part in some kind of hunting activity. That’s nearly double the national participation rate. So needless to say, these folks spend a lot of money on hunting licenses, equipment, vehicles, blinds, bows, arrows, rifles…the list goes on. Many of these items can be expensive. A good bow or rifle can set you back quite a bit, and the best ATVs and side by sides can cost as much as a car or light-duty truck. So it only makes sense that hunters want to protect these investments. That’s where Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance comes in.

Insure Your Hunting Equipment with Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance

At Mississippi Farm Bureau, our roots are in agriculture and The Great Outdoors. In fact, many of our dedicated Farm Bureau agents love the outdoors and understand the investment these activities require.


It pays to consult your agent about your hunting activities and equipment. Most homeowners policies have limits when it comes to replacing firearms or other valuables. Contact your local Farm Bureau agent to find out what additional coverages you might need to protect them from theft, damage, or destruction.


Although relatively rare, hunting accidents happen every year, so liability insurance is something else you might discuss. We recommend hunters of every age take a local hunters safety course every few years. It is crucial for children and teens, but even seasoned hunters benefit from a refresher.

You might also ask your agent about special coverage for bows, crossbows, and other such equipment. Lastly, sand, dirt, mud & moisture on a hunt can be particularly hard on firearms and can affect the safety of them—so keep them properly maintained as well as insured, and you’ll be sure to enjoy them for a lifetime.

Go with the Home Team

Since 1947, Farm Bureau Insurance has been helping both rural and urban Mississippians protect what they love and depend on. Our automobile insurance and homeowner policies offer comprehensive coverage at competitive rates, all with the high level of friendly, dedicated, local claims service from local adjusters you’ve come to expect from Farm Bureau.

Best of all, our vast network of Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance Agents (at least one in every county) are always nearby to provide knowledgeable, friendly service. Find an Agent in your area today.