A Day in the Life of a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

When you picture an insurance agent, what do you see? If you have only done business with an insurance company over the computer or by phone, you may envision someone at a high rise building in a far-off city who never even leaves the office. While that is often correct, the daily lives of Farm Bureau Insurance agents are typically atypical. Whether they are on the move or at the office, they meet each day’s challenges and triumphs with a dedication to customer service.

First-Time Meetings

When someone is new to Farm Bureau Insurance, agents prefer to meet in person. Sometimes that is at their local office, your place of business, or even at your kitchen table. The time you meet is always convenient to your schedule. Having that conversation face-to-face is a great way for the customer to explain more about their needs. Then, the agent may explain how our policies can work to meet those needs. The agent carefully explains our policies in order to make sure that you understand your Insurance. This way, you get the coverage that you need, tailored to you and your family. 

Annual Insurance Reviews

Life changes often, and your insurance policies need to keep up. That’s why our agents schedule annual reviews with their customers in order to catch up and reassess your needs. Over the past year, your coverage needs could have increased or decreased, and if you haven’t made certain adjustments, you may be at risk. A simple visit with your agent can give you peace of mind.

Family Time

The daily lives of many Farm Bureau Insurance agents revolve around family and the local community. As a result, you may see your agent dropping their children off at school in the morning. You may see them coaching your child’s sports team. They may even pray with you as part of your church family every Sunday. No matter what day of the week, family and community are always on the schedule. 

Student Athletics

Our local Agents often incorporate supporting student athletics into their schedule. It works hand in hand with our Corporate Sponsorship of the Mississippi High School Activities Association, the Mid-South Association of Independent Schools as well as many of our University Athletic Programs. An Agent may choose to sponsor a “Player of the Week” award at their local school. Other agents may raise money on Saturdays for local teams by breaking out their crawfish boilers or grills and cooking to support their local schools. You may sit next to an agent in the bleachers at a Friday night football game because your home is our home too. 

Disaster Response

Severe weather is always a possibility in MS, often with very little warning. Depending on the time of year, responding to a tornado, hurricane, or fire may be a large part of a Farm Bureau Insurance agent’s day. On those days, our agents are in the field, assessing damages and helping customers start processing their claims. They may even be helping to clean up debris. Taking care of our friends and neighbors in our local community is our #1 goal. See more about our how to prepare for and respond to severe storms.

Expecting Unexpected Calls 

It is a terrible thing to see someone you care about suffer, but it is a great privilege to be able to help that person in their time of need. Our agents take that responsibility seriously, and being there in a time of crisis is why they do what they do. 

It is not unusual for agents to receive phone calls on the weekends or in the middle of the night because something went wrong. When a customer experiences something like an unexpected death in the family or a serious accident, they may not know what to do, but they know that they can call their local Farm Bureau Insurance agent. After what can be a traumatic loss, the last thing a customer wants to deal with is a financial burden or a far-off Insurance Company. We are Mississippi-based, so our local agents and local adjusters hustle to process the claim quickly and deliver you the help you need.

Meet Your Member of the Home Team

A Farm Bureau Insurance agent’s daily schedule is written in pencil, but their availability is written in stone. They will answer when you call, day or night, no questions asked. It’s why we are called the Home Team and why we provide the best service in our industry.

Get to know one your local Agent today and become a part of The Home Team! Use our Agent Finder to get started.