Why Local Agents Matter During a Crisis: The Farm Bureau Insurance Difference

During the month of April, Mississippi was hit with a number of incredibly strong storms and tornadoes, resulting in loss of life as well as significant damage to property. Across the state, Mississippians suffered damage to cars, homes, businesses, churches, and more. To make matters worse, a peak in the COVID-19 outbreak complicated access to recovery services. 

The Promise of Farm Bureau Insurance was exemplified by our company’s on-the-ground recovery efforts after these storms. We have responded to severe weather in Mississippi since 1947, so while the tornado outbreak on Easter Sunday was the largest disaster that we have handled since Hurricane Katrina, we were ready. The next day, our local agents and adjusters were on the ground taking care of their policyholders.

Times of crisis shine a light on the difference between Farm Bureau Insurance and other insurance companies. We hope that these differences will help you make informed decisions about your insurance options. 

Our Difference: Local Adjusters, Fast Relief

In Jefferson Davis County, Farm Bureau Insurance agents (Chris Bowen, Thomas Bridges, and Jamie Cochran) were hand-delivering checks to their customers only days after the storm.

Our promise of fast friendly claims from local Adjusters was again put to the test and once again, our people delivered. While other companies may subcontract their insurance adjusters and have them travel from out of state, Farm Bureau Insurance maintains our own team of 80 highly trained, expert adjusters who live right here in Mississippi.

Farm Bureau Insurance agents in Covington County (Whitney Harvey, Anna McLaurin, and Mark Young) were on-scene to provide support to their customers.

In normal times, this means that when you make a claim, an adjuster can arrive quickly, and you will not be dealing with a 3rd party who may not be as familiar with you and your situation.

In Jones County, Farm Bureau Insurance agents (J.T. Pickering, Jordan Walters, Cody Ward, Chris Stockman, Michael Brand, Casey Coffin, Jeremy Holland, and Channing Parker) were quick to assist their customers in any way they could.

During situations like COVID-19, however, an out-of-town adjuster may be subject to travel restrictions. They may also require estimates to rebuild, and you may not easily be able to hire contractors to write these estimates. As a result, the emergency funding you need may be delayed. If you have a policy with Farm Bureau Insurance, your local adjuster will still be able to arrive quickly and begin processing your claim. 

Our Difference: People Who Care

We are here to help in these difficult times. The people who work with Farm Bureau Insurance deeply care about your community because it’s also their community—that’s what we mean when we say we are the Home Team.

Pike County’s chainsaw-wielding Farm Bureau Insurance team (Keith Cline, Michael Clements, Bubba Moak, and Beck Troutman) dropped everything to join other volunteers, linemen, and emergency workers to help clear trees and check on neighbors in Pike County.

Even as power and phone lines were down to their office, they still got claims information out to their customers who may have had damage during the storm.
The agents of Panola County (Rusty Calvert, Brandon Ciaramitaro, Taylor Maddux, and Daniel Thompson) joined several local businesses to provide lunch for 120 Tallahatchie Valley Electric Power Association linemen.

These linemen worked tirelessly to repair outages, so we tried to show appreciation for their hard work with a full stomach.

In Jasper County, the Farm Bureau Insurance team (Randy Windham, Hemi McCormick, Chad Odom, and Carter Sims) worked overtime to deliver help to our policyholders who were hit hard by the tornadoes. In the below video, you can see how some of our customers were affected. We are so thankful that they are safe, and we are proud to be helping them return to normal.

Our Difference: A Company that Cares

We are here to help in difficult times. The people who work with Farm Bureau deeply care about your community because it’s also their community. That’s what we mean when we say we are the Home Team. After these recent storms, you were likely to see your agent clearing roads of fallen trees or cooking food for those affected — the ones who came to help as well as the linemen working to restore power. Our team is dedicated to helping our neighbors return to normalcy after experiencing what can be traumatic and devastating losses.

We know that Mississippians are hurting, so our company is working to provide additional forms of help.

One-Time Credits for Auto Policy Holders

To provide some financial relief, one-time credits are currently rolling out to our auto policyholders. This special credit is based on 15 percent of two months auto premium paid for each vehicle we cover. Even though we paid out a tremendous amount in Auto claims so far this year, Farm Bureau Insurance will pay out an estimated value of about $30 million over our six-state operation through this initiative.

Helping Feed Our Most Vulnerable

Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company also recently donated $500,000 to the MS Food Network. The Network states that each dollar donated feeds at least six people, so our donation has the potential to feed three million Mississippians.

Providing a Safe Experience

As an essential business, our local offices have remained open and worked hard to provide easy ways for our customers to do their business throughout the Covid19 pandemic. This includes added safety protection at the office, curbside service, the ability to call their agent at any time as well as through our website and our MOBILE agent app.

Don’t Battle the Storm and Your Insurance Company

If you were affected by these storms and were not satisfied with your insurance company’s or your agents’ response, why not become a part of The Home Team?

Insure what matters most with a community-oriented company committed to your well being. If you would like to learn more, use our search function to find a local agent near you. #GoWithTheHomeTeam