Farm Bureau Focus: Desoto County, Mississippi

Desoto County Farm Bureau Agents in the Spotlight

Nestled in the northwest corner of Mississippi near Memphis, Tennessee, Desoto County is Mississippi’s third most populous community. In fact, it was listed recently as one of the top 40 fastest-growing counties in the United States. So it’s no surprise that Farm Bureau Insurance has a strong presence there. Indeed, Farm Bureau has a robust presence in every one of Mississippi’s 82 counties.

The best way to get to know an area is through the folks who live and work there. That’s why we’ve produced a variety of short “Meet the Home Team” videos about the lives of our agents, the type of work they do, and what it means to them. All of these videos have great stories to tell, and the ones featuring our Desoto County agents are certainly no exception.

Service With Heart and Soul

Both Bryan Burrell and Josh McIntyre left careers in education and coaching to serve the Desoto community as Farm Bureau agents. The short two-minute videos featuring these young agents do an excellent job getting to the heart and soul behind the important services they provide to their clients.

Watch Farm Bureau agent Josh McIntyre’s short story >

Watch Farm Bureau agent Bryan Burrell’s short story >

Deep Knowledge and Expertise

Senior Farm Bureau agent, George Collins, has a rich history in Desoto County, having served the company for nearly 40 years. He first served from the city of Hernando and is currently in Olive Branch. George’s story is about the power of community, staying involved, and providing folks with services and expertise that will improve their lives. After all, that’s what Farm Bureau is all about.

Watch agent George Collins’s tribute to his community >

For veteran Farm Bureau agent Bill Sartin, it was a debilitating injury in college that ultimately led to his career at Farm Bureau. As a starting offensive lineman for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, he injured his knee and suffered serious nerve damage. He was a star player throughout high school and almost certainly destined for a career in the NFL. But in one instant, that aspect of his potential was destroyed completely. How does one come back from something like that? Bill can tell you.

Watch Farm Bureau agent Bill Sartin tell his story >

These two senior agents are perfect examples of Farm Bureau’s commitment to helpful service, but it doesn’t take a senior agent to set a standard for excellence. Browse all of the videos in our “Meet the Home Team” series for other great stories featuring our agents. You can access the rest of our Desoto County agent videos through the links below. Special thanks to Farm Bureau partner Matt Wyatt Media for helping us produce this ongoing series of videos.

Meet the Home Team: Mississippi Farm Bureau agent Jason Banks >

Meet the Home Team: Mississippi Farm Bureau agent Tim Ball >

Meet the Home Team: Mississippi Farm Bureau agent Daniel Bennett >

Go with the Home Team

Since 1947, Farm Bureau Insurance has been helping both rural and urban Mississippians protect what they love and depend on. Our automobile insurance and homeowner policies offer comprehensive coverage with competitive rates, claims service from local adjusters, and the high level of friendly, dedicated, local service you’ve come to expect from Farm Bureau.

Best of all, our vast network of Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance Agents (at least one in every county) are always nearby to provide knowledgeable, friendly service. Find an Agent in your area today.