Video Series Spotlights Agents of Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance

“Meet the Home Team” Video Series Features Local Heroes

At Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance, we’ve always been committed to our agents and their connection to the communities they serve. Now, since launching our “Meet the Home Team” video series, we’re able to show how proud we are of our agents and the work they do both in and out of the office. In fact, we think they’re nothing short of local heroes—team players who love their hometowns and helping people plan for the future.

Our Agents are Your Neighbors

Agents spend an enormous amount of time in their local communities, each representing Farm Bureau Insurance in their own unique way. Our “Meet the Home Team” videos are about folks living out their stories, making Mississippi the caring, cultured, and famously hospitable state that true Mississippians know it to be.

The eye behind the camera, Matt Wyatt of Matt Wyatt Media, shared a few comments about his experience filming some of our Farm Bureau Insurance agents in the field. “Every one of these folks has a great story that’s hard to capture in a typical commercial,” he said. “There just isn’t enough time. That’s why Mississippi Farm Bureau asked me to help create these special videos.”

Showcasing the Farm Bureau Insurance Team

Several video editions of “Meet the Home Team” have already been filmed and edited. The Wyatt Media team will be producing more videos throughout the year. Mississippi boasts nearly 300 agents throughout Mississippi’s 82 counties. That’s an average of 3-5 agents per county and, potentially, an awful lot of videos. You can watch them on the Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company’s YouTube channel. The company will also share them on their Facebook page. Each short video focuses on a single agent talking about their hometown, motivations, hobbies, passions, volunteerism and more. Find your local agent to learn even more.

Whether they’re restoring classic cars, tailgating, coaching kids or cooking crawfish, Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance’s agents are an incredibly active bunch. Clearly they’re proud of their communities, their state, and their company. (100% of Mississippi’s Farm Bureau’s Operations are located right here in the state.)

“I knew a bit about Farm Bureau when I started this project,” Matt Wyatt remembers. “But I’ve since gained a deeper respect for what really drives this company—and that’s people. Honest, hardworking, folks going out of their way to help the people around them.”

Click here to see our “Meet the Home Team” video series on YouTube.

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