Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

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When you have Homeowners Insurance with Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance, you can rest assured that you’re getting both good rates and good coverage. Our local Mississippi Farm Bureau Agents will provide you with the best options available on a variety of homeowner insurance policies to suit your needs.

Common Policy Options:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Provides protection for your dwelling on the residence premises that is used as a private residence.
  • Other Structures Coverage: Provides protection for those other structures located on the residence premises that are set apart from the dwelling by clear space.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Provides protection for personal property usual and incidental to the occupancy of the residence premises as a dwelling and owned by you.
  • Additional Living Expense: Provides reimbursement for necessary increased expenses that are incurred by you if your home is not livable due to a covered loss.
  • Personal Liability Coverage: Provides protection for an insured’s activities for accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party for which you are legally responsible.
  • Medical Payments to Others: Pays reasonable and necessary medical expenses to an injured third party such as medical, surgical, dental and ambulance.

Contact a Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance Agent today to get a free, no risk insurance quote and learn more about our full range of policy options.

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