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Known Browser Incompatibilities

If you click on the My Account link and do not receive a response, you are probably using a browser which does not support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  Using the My Account section of our site requires that you are using a web browser that supports secure transactions (see recommendations below).  If you are using an older web browser, you must upgrade to a newer version.

Recommended Browsers and Settings

Web Browser

Our website will work on any modern web browser and most HTML enabled mobile devices. Some functionality may be limited on specific mobile devices so we generally recomment accessing the My Account section using a desktop computer or laptop.

If you haven't upgraded your browser in several years, we suggest doing so at one of the following websites:

Cookies Accepted

  • We use "cookies" or small packages of information stored on your computer, in order to retain user settings in the My Information section of our site.
    Our web site is responding or returning information slowly

The My Account section did not match your records

  • On occasion your recent transactions or applications may not have completed processing through company procedures as yet. 
  • It is possible your policy may not have gone into effect yet, and we do not display policy information until that policy is effective. On the effective date of your policy, you should be able to view current information.

Error 404 - File Not Found

  • Error 404, the file not found error, means that our server was unable to find the file or program corresponding to the document you asked for.
  • The file not found error can happen for several reasons:

    A typo - if the URL was specified incorrectly, then our server will be looking for a file of the wrong name.

    A missing file - it's possible that the file has been removed, renamed, or is otherwise temporarily or permanently unavailable.

Browser sometimes returns to the Login page.

  • Either you have been idle for 20 minutes or our web server has been reset.  You can continue by logging onto the system again.

User ID or Password does not work

  • Make sure that you are typing in your user ID and password correctly. If you think you may have forgotten your password, go to the login screen and click on the link titled "Forgot Your Password?" And follow the directions.

Host unavailable

  • This error usually occurs when the host server is down. You can try to access the site again by clicking the Reload button.

Warning: Page has Expired

  • When you click Back to return to a Web page, you may receive the following error message:

Warning: Page has Expired

    • The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you. To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button.
    • Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and 4.01 for Windows 95. This problem can be avoided on our website by avoiding use of the Back button in your web browser, and using the Go Back link shown on our pages instead.
    • To correct this problem, a web browser update may be downloaded from:

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