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Farm Bureau Insurance is Mississippi’s largest domestic Property, Casualty & Life Insurance company. As a traditional, ethical, and purpose-driven organization, we offer affordable insurance products & services to not only the farm families of Mississippi, but to everyone who can benefit.

To do this effectively, we are actively seeking to expand our network of personable, professional Farm Bureau Agents. Our independent contractor agents do more than sell insurance and banking products. By helping to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of our customers, they make a difference and leave a positive impact on their local community.

If you have the entrepreneurial traits such as the desire to build relationships and the ability to manage your time and financial success, you should find out why a career as an independent contractor Farm Bureau Insurance Agent can be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Do you have what it takes to become a Farm Bureau Agent?

Work Hard.

Join the Home Team.

As a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent, you will be in business for yourself as an independent contractor and set your own schedule—but you’ll have plenty of support. We’ll provide you with training and an experienced mentor, set you up with an initial book of business, and the rest is up to you. You’ll earn commissions every time a policy is written or renewed—with no ceiling on your earning potential. The harder and smarter you work, the more you stand to earn.

However, you’ll find that the most fulfilling part of being an agent is helping people–providing customers with a wide range of Insurance, Financial, and Banking products they can use to prepare for the future and protect their families. You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and many others, to be the person your clients turn to in times of great need. So turn your desire to help others into a viable career—as an independent contractor Farm Bureau Insurance Agent.

Play Hard.

Travel the World.

Top producing Farm Bureau Insurance Agents earn trips to fun and exciting places. But trips aren’t your only incentive. You also stand to earn valuable sales awards, bonuses, and other production-driven incentives. There’s no doubt about it, being a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent can be one of the best small business opportunities available anywhere.

Getting Started.

What to Expect.

Your journey to becoming a contracted Farm Bureau agent begins with an interview process designed to help you and Farm Bureau discover if this business is right for you.

As a newly-contracted agent, you’ll receive comprehensive training with regard to Life, Property and Casualty Insurance, as well as other lines of business.

Next, you’ll be assigned an experienced Mentor to help you.

Take part in sales meetings and other professional development opportunities to grow your book of business, earning commissions, bonuses, and valuable sales awards along the way.

What does it take to become a Farm Bureau Agent?

  • A commitment to ethical behavior
  • The desire to help people
  • The drive to organize and operate your own small business
  • The ability to network and build relationships
  • An aptitude for driving business results
  • The desire to build a strong, positive presence in your community
  • The drive to begin and sustain a successful long-term business

Think you’re ready? Here’s what comes next:

  1. Initial Interest Meeting (Essentially an initial interview.)
  2. POP7 Assessment (Personal Orientation Profile)
  3. Agent Opportunity Meeting (An in-depth interview with an Agency Manager.)
  4. Joint Meeting (A third interview, this time with an Agency Manager and District Sales Manager.)
  5. (Optional) Spouse Meeting (An unstructured meeting for final questions and spouse introductions as needed.)
  6. Offer to Contract Meeting (The final step of the Agent Qualification Process.)

Here’s what some of our current agents have to say

“Farm Bureau is a family. Since I’ve become an agent, I’ve grown financially and seen places that I’d never get to see. Being a Farm Bureau Insurance agent means financial stability and freedom to make my own schedule. It’s a way of life, taking care of people’s needs while loving what you do.”

“What it means to me to be a Farm Bureau Insurance agent is to have a career that I love, am passionate about, and feel called to. If you’re the right person for this job, it will feel like a natural extension of your life. You’ll frequently get to make a difference in people’s lives.”

“Maybe I just like helping people, or maybe I want to be a superhero…regardless, it is my goal that every one of my clients trusts me enough to tell their family to call me in their greatest time of need! That is my passion!”

“Being a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent allows you to do business with pride. Farm Bureau is different! Farm Bureau is local! When you sell a Farm Bureau Insurance policy, you sell a ‘Farm Bureau Promise.’ That means everything to me and my community!”

“As I walk into my office every day, I remember to focus on the ‘right things.’ Whether it’s the teacher, retail worker, doctor—or farmer living on his many acres—we have the ability to make a difference and influence the lives of others. I do what I do simply because of the passion that drives me to be successful and be the difference maker in the lives of others while remembering to always do the right thing.”

“You are not working for Farm Bureau Insurance, you are working for your community. The agents, secretaries, underwriters, and claims department all work together to make sure our Farm Bureau members are serviced and treated fairly while doing so—all in a timely manner. Previous agents and agency managers set the service bar high for current agents to continue servicing our respectful communities in a professional manner.”

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